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Ripped Dress Overcam : Flash & Confess

Updated on Oct 6
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Club Upskirt Update Video
Bikini Babes Over-cam Dance

Updated on Oct 5
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Club Upskirt Update Video
Awesome Big Boob Jiggling

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Club Upskirt Update Video
Pushes his Luck for some Flashing

Updated on Oct 5
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This is the personal & ever growing collection of a cameraman who has access to literally 1000s of nightclubs in the UK, North America & even further around the world… this is MY collection and YOU can share it too...

MY personal passion is getting the most exposure from complete strangers in a variety of ways. All from real life NIGHTCLUBS & genuinely unique movies! Click on LATEST UPDATES (up there just above this text) to see a list of all these unique vids I've posted so far.

100% real clubbers, real nightclubs, EVERY SINGLE DAY - almost 800 updates & counting!

There are no scripts here, no pretend sets that are supposed to be some VIP suite or other shit, no actors whosoever.. although some models DO show up from time to time because they go out to clubs also!!!

Below are just a few samples, FULL list detailing OVER 800 updates at the top menu

Good Guys 'demo' their GFs bodies!

Pussy Flashing : Added on May 18th, 2015
A couple of clips featuring guys who go out of their way to reveal under their girlfriends skirts

I guess I have to say that over the many years of filming in venues and night clubs all around the world I have come to understand that there are not too many basic types of personalities when it comes to performing (or not performing!) in front of the camera. This sequence here shows a couple of very good examples where the guy is very dominant but also very happy to show everybody who is watching that not only his girlfriend is submissive but also that he wants to share her hidden charms. Or in less fancyful language he basically flashes her bits on her behalf and doesn't get jealous like some guys would do (in fact plenty of guys get jealous even when the girl is flashing of her own volition)! In the first clip (NOT HERE SADLY - but JOIN to watch it all), she is happy to be bounced up and down on his legs (she probably really admires his biceps & is in turn showing them off) but she doesn't catch on that we are getting an eyeful of her panties and glimpses of her pussy lips and asshole almost. When she does catch on its because he's trying desperately in between bounces to pull her panties to one side and that is the end of that as she climbs down straight away. The second clips couple seem to work more as a team (or either she's just decided that resistance is futile so she may as well enjoy yourself) so firstly her tits come out, then its her ass, shortly followed by her skirt being pulled right up and her panties are stretched then pulled to one side as he flashes his girlfriends lovely shaved pussy. Sharing is caring - what a guy!!!

GAMES : Student Party Night Cream Lick-off

Party Games : Added on April 21st, 2015
At a Student Party where they put on some great games, including this involving topless babes & squirty cream!

Okay, when they squirted the cream onto this gorgeous teenage student I wanted to lick it off myself right there and then and believe me I had to really exercise my soul control so I didn't suggest that I gave it a go! In the end watching the other babe lick it off was not too bad at all I suppose but those beautiful breasts are just crying out to be licked and lick and licked..!

VINTAGE 8mm : Gorgeous Natural Boobs

Vintage Archive : Added on May 7th, 2015
Another lovely dip into my old 8mm film archive feat. this awesome brunette...

When I watch these really old stag reels, I find myself wondering how the hell guys back then managed to contain themselves when they were watching it because they were so obviously deprived of such a visceral treats unlike we are on our days LOL! I mean, seriously, the brunette in this real is really coy and playful, makes great eye contact - and when she does a natural smile comes to her face as she is performing for a lover or something. And those boobs, I mean, THOSE BOOBS are simply amazing and begging to be played with hour after hour after hour!

ON Stage Contest : WET t-shirts!!

Wet Tee-Shirts : Added on April 20th, 2015
Some really nice performances on stage in front of a cheering crowd

I thought you would like to see this sequence of games on stage featuring four girls as it is a nice wet T-shirt competition on stage, taken part enthusiastically in by all four contestants and obviously the cheering crowd of guys… so much cheering in fact that if the girls didn't think about flashing their boobs BEFORE they decided to take part, they certainly did AFTER they got up there!!!

MEMBER'S REQUEST : Big Black Girls

BIG BLACK boobs : Added on March 2nd, 2015
A MEGA-RARE clip - BIG BLACK BOOBS - out on the dancefloor !!!!

Amusingly, coming just after the bonus update which featured a stripper called Roxie in old 8mm reel which I declared to be as rare as hen's teeth, I am answering a long-standing request from a member for an update with black girls, more specifically I was asked if I could get some big black girls together! So, I don't know weather you are aware but for me it seems to be a problem getting material/content that features black girls and IS RUDE as well. I don't know why that is but I guess I tend to get asked to go along to clubs but play dance/EDM/trance and all that kind of stuff more than I get asked to go along to clubs playing R&B/rap/etc… I mean, lots of the venues that I go to have another room aside from the main part of the venue and this is usually the R&B room, so it is certainly where I would find black girls but in there you also find the black guys who literally do not want you to be there (this is certainly very true in 98% of my experiences) not for racist terms I don't think but rather because they take their music and dancing VERY seriously and they see the intrusion of a man with a camera as something they can't get along with! Also, and I have said this many times before, black women generally tend to keep their clothes on for their own reasons (again I don't want to get into this debate because it quickly turns into white versus black and that's not what I'm talking about here) so, bearing all that in mind; when I do go into those rooms I get diddly squat and always regret what I might have missed in the main room so yes, I do come across black girls but rarely are they to be found where I'm better off playing the percentages - in the main/cheesy/disco/dance room - and even rarer when they are there they are virtually never getting to the front to strip off. So after that lengthy essay on the difficulties faced when filming black girls in nightclubs here are a few clips but I have put together, the last of which features the exception that proves my role… and I'm willing to bet that she also raises quite a few eyebrows and some excitement, after all, not only is she a big black girl but she is also getting out her gargantuan natural boobs for us all to enjoy! Thank you!!! Enjoy!

Night Vision : Boobs from ABOVE

Mini-Cam Access : Added on Feb 23rd, 2015
A lovely clip taken from above 3 girls who were smooching with their boobs!

So like quite a few of my favourite moments that I captured, this update is not particularly long but it really does make up for that with what it captures and from where! This was one of those really dark clubs and I had with me not just my normal gear for shooting but tucked away inside a handy satchel was a mini DV camera with night mode and these 2 girls were bumping their boobs up against each other quite near to a stairway… so being a good boy I decided to go stand on the dimly lit stairs and test the night mode on my camera in as covert away as was possible… I hope you enjoy it because it was a really fun want to get but unfortunately was cut short by an eager live member of the security team who didn't realise that the person they were clearing from the steps had special dispensation to be anywhere - and by the time they did the opportunity was lost… but still, a great little clip I think you will agree.

Enjoy! M…. :-)

VINTAGE : My 1st EVER compilation!

VINTAGE 90s : Added on Feb 21st, 2015
Some cheeky and some great captures way back when I was just a kid… !

Going back to the dawn of time (or at least it feels this way looking at this very old compilation I made many years ago) I was struggling student who was self-employed and trying to gather enough coins together to both feed myself and pay myself through college… I really didn't have any spare money at all to invest in things like microphones, lights for cameras, that kind of stuff…. even the tape stock was very expensive for me and as a result they had to be reused because I literally could only afford a few and would run out very quickly. So even back then I thought to myself "there are some of these moments I would like to keep and watch, and watch again" so I did my best to hook up a couple of old machines and put some of these little, tiny highlights together for my own posterity and viewing! As a result the compilation itself sometimes moved from one tape to another and as a result got a little bit grainier each time but hey, it's a little time capsule itself and there are certainly a few nice moments and bearing in mind that it is more a 20 years old it aint bad at all I guess… And actually as you will see there are a few shots where I did have a light but like I said before it cost me a small fortune and only lasted about 20 min and I was filming for hours a night back then so you had to ration its use!

Enjoy! M…. :-)

A variety of different girls were propositioned with different questions - mostly about sex of course!!!

BONUS Xtra : Added on 9th March 2015
Some nice detail shots of boobs from this camera (which was #2) to assist the main camera

As you watch this entire sequence which consists of quite a few different clips of girls who were all stopped in the street or around a nightclub and were tackled by a production team who were quite adept in their own way at garnering some kind of performance from the girls which will be worth watching as an end product. Without boring you with all the details about how you can sometimes switch between cameras, use alternate angles to shorten/improve content I will just tell you that there were 2 cameras on the shoot and the reason for the close-ups at certain points is to allow for editing without any noticeable jump cuts. There are some nice shots besides and I thought that you might like to have them as a bonus!!!

Enjoy! M…. :-)

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