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This is CLUB UPSKIRT : one of a kind!

A personal & ever-growing collection of vids.. and YOU can watch it too...

I'm a cameraman with access to literally hundreds of nightclubs in the UK, Europe, North America & even further around the world…

Go to my BLOG to watch the variety of girls & situations we get to see!!

MY passion is getting personal shots from REAL girls in real life NIGHTCLUBS & I have to say that the harder they are to get, the better it is for me! Have a wander thru the huge list of updates to see a list of all the unique vids I've posted so far. And it's not just upskirt either - there's lots of FANTASTIC downblouse... fully naked.... flashers of tits/asses.... and other monkey business too! Basically, whenever girls are up to any kind of monkey-business, I'm usually there to record it!!

Real clubbers in real nightclubs - hundreds of updates & counting!

There are occasional cameos from hot models too; sometimes 'cos they're working with me & also because they go out to clubs also!!!

    Flick thru these slides to see a Summary of the last 20 updates or so...

    Upskirt, Downblouse.. COOLBEANS!!

    A few years ago when I started this site, it was, and still is the only real way of sharing my awesome NIGHTCLUB upskirt clips - as 95% are far too hot for TV... and, like I said above, I've now added even more variety with clips of:

    Down-Blouse, Bouncing Boobs, Games, Cosplay, Ass Flashers, Dirty Chat, Tit Flashing & more

    So, I guess you might be wondering "what's so unique?" about it..? Fair enough, the web's full of sites all claiming to be unique and not many are!!!

    Well, when you mix REAL amateurs filmed by a professional camera operator in REAL nightclubs you get UNIQUE & HOT content ! And I've been filming in these places over 20 years and I'm good at it. And it's not easy, believe me! But I can read the girls, the other people watching, the mood.... and I get results where other men would be scared to even venture. Simple as that. Watch the vid below to see...

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